The tradition of making potica lives on in my cottage bakery.


An apple potica is a Slovenian studel (jabolčni zavitek in Slovenian). This is my favorite! Homemade phyllo-like dough, hand stretched, filled with a freshly sliced apples, two sugars, cinnamon and butter. Baked to a golden brown with a caramely bottom that is the result of brown sugar baking with the apple and butter. Every family has a version of apple potica, this is ours. This potica is sure to please. Pan size 12"x10" and the potica fills the pan. Sold in the baking pan with reheating instructions. Due to the time involved in making this family favorite, it is only available on the date listed. Apple potica freezes great. Reheating instructions included.


**Please remember to enter your timeframe for pickup, even though it says optional. That's just so I can have two options. You do need to fill in the correct one.  I do not leave orders on the shelf all day. Anything requested outside of that timeframe listed can not be accommodated and I will email you for a different time.**


Ingredients: Bread: Flour, butter, eggs, yeast, sugar, salt Filling: Apples, white sugar, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, salt.


Shelf stable- Potica remains fresh for 3-5 days after pick-up. Refrigerating or freezing will extend shelf life.

No Refunds or Exchanges

Apple Potica