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Elevate your holiday experience with our Homemade Christmas Cookie Assortment, expertly arranged on a plate and boxed with a festive bow. Each delightful cookie, crafted with love and care, is not only a celebration of flavor but a visual feast as well.


Imagine unwrapping a box adorned with a cheerful bow to reveal a beautifully arranged assortment of treats. Photos are from previous years. Cookies listed next are what will be included.

1. Decorated Mini Sugar Cookies: Festive designs that captivate both the eyes and the taste buds.

2. Peanut Blossoms: Classic and irresistible, these cookies feature a peanut butter cookie topped with a chocolate kiss.

3. Mexican Wedding Cakes: Butter-laden delights, delicately coated in powdered sugar.

4. Peppermint Almond Twist Cookies: A perfect blend of peppermint and almond, artfully twisted for a visually stunning effect.

5. Nutty Bars: A symphony of peanuts, peanut butter, chocolate chips, butterscoth chips and marshamllows for delicous goodness in every bite.

6. 7-Layer Bars: Layers of coconut, chocolate/butterscotch chips, and nuts, stacked to perfection.

7. Ginger Snaps: Spiced to perfection, adding warmth to your holiday spread.

8. Almond and/or Peppermint Bark: Almond bark with chopped M&M's or peppermint with layers of white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate & topped with crushed candy canes.

9. Coconut Macaroons: These chewy coconut delights are a tropical escape in every bite with just a touch of chocolate.


Whether you're gifting these cookies to loved ones or treating yourself to a festive indulgence, our Homemade Christmas Cookie Assortment is a celebration of flavor, tradition, and the magic of the holiday season. Order now and let the sweet festivities begin!Contents: An assortment of each item listed above, plated, wrapped in plastic wrap, and boxed with a bow. Packaging may vary slightly.



Traditional Christmas Cookie Assortment

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