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About Your Baker & Cookie Artist, Lisa

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"I will do my very best to ensure you have a beautiful, tasty and safe order."
 ❤ Lisa

I am Lisa, a wife and mom of two amazing adult boys. 2020 made me a grandmaw to Ella, my granddog. Without their love and support, I wouldn't be able to create these amazing cookies and pastries for you.


A little about my background in food. I am a former corporate restaurant training manager (19 years), bakery manager (10 years) and income tax preparer (2 seasons was enough for me). Though I had very successful careers, it was lacking the creative outlet I needed. I decided to open my in-home cottage bakery when Minnesota passed the Cottage Food Law in 2015. I thought I could utilize my skills as a crafter and organization as a manager while doing what I loved most...creating delicious and beautiful cookies and pastries.

In my free time I love to spend time at our cabin on Garden Lake in Ely, MN with family and friends. I also like to attend craft sales, flea markets and love a great concert


I come from a long line of excellent bakers and have been baking as long as I can remember. I am, mostly self-taught, but, I had help from my grandmas, aunties and of course, my mom. In addition to what I have learned throughout the years, I take at least 3 classes a year to develop my skills and learn new techniques. I am a naturally curious gal who is always learning and exploring. "Spicy" is the word that has stuck with me for over 3 decades. A sweet group of senior ladies would come into the restaurant I managed in Hibbing, Minnesota about once a week. They loved my energy and ability to get it all done, while not taking any crap from the guys. (It was the 90's, we had to be strong.) "I like you, You're spicy. Don't ever lose that."  I haven't lost it, though I have toned it done a bit. Some folks may say not enough, but enough for me. hahaha. Oh, and I like to talk, A LOT. 


I am insured and a registered Minnesota Department of Agriculture Cottage Food Producer. Since I work under the Minnesota Cottage Food Law Exception, it is a requirement to post this statement.


“All products are homemade and not subject to state inspection."

As a Tier 2 producer, I am required to take advanced food safety, sanitation and proper handling training every 3 years and register yearly with the Department of Agriculture. A copy of my registration is available for your venue, as needed. I continue to develop my skills and baking knowledge by taking numerous classes every year and staying current with Minnesota's advanced food safety regulations. I am also a certified Serv Safe Food Handler. My training as a cooperate trainer comes in handy since I'm one of those "time to lean, time to clean" gals.

Several family recipes have been updated and offered throughout the year along with my own creations and traditional favorites. I specialize in decorated sugar cookies, potica, a Slovenian favorite, and the special occassion small cakes. I recently added cocoa bombs, cakesicles and dessert charcuterie boxes. New products are always in develpment. Check back often or subscribe to see all the exciting happenings. Simple or fancy, big or small...I got you covered.

Your satisfaction is my goal. I will do my very best to ensure you have a beautiful, tasty and safe order.

I do not have a team working with me so quantities are limited to how much I can get done in a work week. 

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to making you amazing confections for your family celebration or work event.

“Life is short, smell the coffee and eat the cookie.”

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