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Seasonal Ordering- Holidays


Christmas Countdown

Seasonal Ordering Updates

Cookie Countdown(Advent) Calendar Early Bird Special is now open for a limited time.

New cookie designs and shapes for 2022.  

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How it works

Order and pay directly from this page. Keep scrolling, it's the next section.

Message me if you have a question.

My Apple Valley, MN address is given at check out.

Please take note of this. I may not have time to answer messages or calls

on pick-up days in a timely manner.

Easy porch pick-up rack at the time you chose. Your name is on the order.

Please, DO NOT move or touch an order that belongs to someone else.

I am available during pick-up times if you have a question, just ring the outside door bell.

My enclosed porch has a heater if temps are below 35° and a fan for over 75°.

Your order is always safe from the elements.

Temporary pick-up information during city road reconstruction

Please use caution and be patient as you enter my neighborhood to pick up your cookies.

We have a dirt road and rocky driveway apron. The road work continues with large

trucks hauling and digging. Do not drive on the driveway if you think it will cause damage.

Text me and I will walk your order to the end of the driveway. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!