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Potica and More

Due to an ankle injury, there will be a slight delay in the return of Potica.
I hope to be making potica in October, for sure in time for
Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sharing traditional baked goods from my childhood on the Iron Range, Slovenia, Poland and so much more.  Updated often. Any questions, just ask.


Its name derives from the Slovenian word poviti, which means "to wrap in." Every family has its favorite recipe and a walnut potica, the most popular kind, can vary from one household to the next. My walnut potica is very similar to my mother and grandma Rosie’s.

Known as Potica (poh-TEET-sah) among Slovenians and povitica (poh-vee-TEET-sah) among Croatians, this sweet or savory pastry is made with a yeast-raised dough that is rolled or stretched out thinly and then spread with a filling.

What is Potica?

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"Lisa’s training as a baker began in her family’s kitchens in the Iron Range. Potica, in particular, is a dear family tradition that Lisa learned from her mother and grandmother. This labor-intensive pastry is worth it to bring a taste of home south to the Twin Cities metro. "

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